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Majorette Porsche Cayenne hybrid pre-pro...

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  • Majorette Porsche Cayenne hybrid pre-pro...

    Got this one today...

    Glued interior...

    Stickers instead of tampo-printing...

    Look at the Porsche logo... ;-)

    unbranded baseplate

    Different tow hook

    no sun roof...

    Someone at the factory put the pre-pro in the packaging machine ...and it ended up in a German shop

    Even the collectors card is wrong as it is a Cayenne hybrid and not a turbo S...

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    Nice addition Niels , it looks like the base rivet isn't set either, I guess if a child would have purchased it, it might have fallen apart while playing, and his mom might have thrown it away.


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      So, unlike a lot of other manufacturers, does Majorette put their pre-pros in regular packaging and sells them as is, or is this just a mistake?


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        No, its a mistake ...two years ago the Toyota Corolla Altis was found in a german store was a model with non-transparent glasses because the mold at that time was not polished. That was another famous pre pro, that hit the shops.

        This one is a pre pro (never released with those wheels, and that color, and painted pipes) which served as test sample for the packaging machine...


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          A very cool and interesting find.