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    Small world...cruisin' the 'bay I bumped into an old familiar name. I've shown the models I picked up in the past from Tom Brown, Tom was generous enough even to sign the copy of the "New Topper" Deuce I got from him, which I understand to be a portion of his payment for tracking down the pieces for that very special limited (500 pieces) edition. Seems his old buddy Ray Falcoa had a few pieces listed for sale recently, including the Sand Stormer.

    The sale write up:

    Thank you for checking out my topper johnny lightning auction. I have been collecting topper johnnies since 1969 as they were made in my hometown. I am starting to sell off some of my collection. Thank you for looking. Photos are of the car you will receive. Vintage Johnny Lightning Topper Sand stormer .color red . See photos! Old employee personal stock.

    The photos here are mine, but now I am honored to have tokens from two avid and well known Johnny Lightning historians, Tom Brown and Ray Falcoa

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN7361.JPG Views:	0 Size:	202.3 KB ID:	18160Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN7363.JPG Views:	0 Size:	215.3 KB ID:	18159Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN7366.JPG Views:	0 Size:	222.7 KB ID:	18161
    The image file limits have been reset. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

    Thank you for your understanding.