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  • My Very First

    My very first police car.

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    And a nice one for your first police car. I don't remember if this was my first or if it was the Husky Buick Electra or the Budgie Wolseley


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      It was years and years before I found one of these that was affordable. Just last year or the year before. And in good, but not as good as yours, condition.

      My first Matchbox Police car was one of the white cruisers....with the two officers or the lone driver (Mercury and Galaxie)...and then the white Mercury wagon (which was my favorite police car for about 25 years...still love the wagons--have two). Did those white Merc wagon police cars ever get released in another/different police or fire or emergency livery? Of course the Mercury police sedan and the featured Fairlane have their fire versions; any others for them? (I know...I could check BAMCA and other sources...)

      I just found the newest (batch R or the last 2019 batch) Crown Victoria. Story to follow on a new post.


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        classic- i think mine was the land rover- roll-a-matic. sure wish i still had it.
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          The Fairlane was a nice one from the time Matchbox cars still hovered around HO scale, I sometimes wish they would have stayed with the scale, but I guess it was just the times, and started to make them bigger, but as you get older it is harder to see the details on HO anyways. Lol

          I never had this or any regular wheel cop car as a kid, even older brothers, police cars must have been hot in those days so couldn't be found, my earliest memory of my own, and my favorite is the Mercury Police Commuter, and I really must have loved it then since the three loose ones in the photo are from my childhood collection.