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Matchbox Disney World / Land Jumbo 747’s

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  • Matchbox Disney World / Land Jumbo 747’s

    Matchbox comes out with these Sky Busters / On A Mission every year sold at Disney World / Land. Nice die cast, and very colorful with good detail😊👍😊👍

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    I gotta go to Disney World some day...but I've never been to Florida two birds with one stone if I ever get around to it. Grew up an hour from the original Disneyland...wonder how it keeps was surrounded by freeways and major urban thorofares, with the flying saucer of the Anaheim stadium or sports arena or whatever was across Orange hotels and that "California Adventure" (or is that Universal Hollywood???? they all blend together any more...)

    Bought my first Matchbox 'car' at Disneyland, as I've noted back at Swifty's and longer ago places. The No. 4 Yesteryear Shand-Mason HD Steamer. That was the first Matchbox model I had ever seen, and it started it all for me. If I went today I would probably buy this year's model of the Disney jet...and maybe some of the prior years' if they had them.


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      I agree, you definitely should plan a trip to Disney World👍 Disney World is 43 square miles, and it’s much, much bigger than Disney land. It’s also kinda tucked away from the city area. You can spend two weeks there and still not get around to doing everything because it’s so big. I think the property size is about the size of Manhattan in NYC. They used to sell die cast emergency vehicles in the fire station at the Magic Kingdom. So every year I would go there and buy them. Probably in the late 90’s or mid 2000’s they stopped selling toys at the fire house. But it was great when they did🤗🤗🤗 Now when I go I always pick up the current Disney bus and plane. They also put out a Disney tractor trailer every year. But it’s a bit larger than matchbox size. Hot wheels used to make the tractor trailer but now it’s made by a different company I think🤔 You can find various die cast throughout the parks, and stores, but not much in the way of emergency anymore🙁 And if you ever get a chance to go down there, you have to check out the Fire Department that covers Disney World!! It’s called the Ready Creek fire department. All of their equipment is Lime green, and they run out of 4 fire stations strategically spread out across the Disney World property. They have lots of really cool looking equipment👍 They run 4 engines, a squad, a few midsize rescues, lots of ambulances, a tower ladder, bronco sky lift, and a special rear mount ladder for monorail rescues. They also have a tanker, and a bunch of forestry/brush fire trucks. And they have a special platform rescue type of vehicle also for monorail rescues. Really cool stuff👍 And all of the fire stations are whimsical and unique😊