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  • Lost Marbles

    I swear I have lost several of my marbles out there somewhere!!!
    I got out a tote today to put this GL Ski set I just got, in for storage until I get reorganized...

    I opened it to find these sets I had forgotten all about having. So... If you find any marbles out there they probably belong to me. I have definitely lost a few!!!

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    Good news Steve - I have several bags and jars of "spare marbles" if you need them


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      Steve, it appears that you found some of your "lost marbles".
      The re-discovery of those five packs from over eleven years ago is a great find.
      Those were very nice sets.
      Sometimes, it is easy to forget about some castings that may have been bought in the past.
      Think about it.
      For many of us, who having been collecting diecast for say ten, fifteen, twenty years or longer; I don't think that we
      can remember every one that we have bought.
      It is especially true in the case when you may have thousands of diecast vehicles bought over a very long extended period of time.
      Great finds and thanks for bringing back memories of those Greenlight five packs.

      Cheers. Cobra


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        The Aspen Ski Lounge is a great set. It would be nice to see some more themed sets like this.


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          Thanks a whole bunch guys for the encouraging comments... I was about ready to check into the "Lost Marble" clinic...


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            If someone loses their marbles, would replacing them with someone else's marbles be a cure, or just cause a whole new problem?