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    I remember being surprised finding these Mavericks on the pegs within days apart. I had never seen a Maverick in 1/64th scale. I found the first one at a K~Bee toy store and about two days later at a hobby shop that bought, sold, and traded hobby stuff. I was very impressed with this casting...

    If I remember right, this blue one was released with Johnny's come back...

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    I love this casting- and truly miss Kay Bee toy stores. Since they closed, I never had a reason to go to the mall anymore.


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      Very cool of JL to do this car.......Fresh Cherries had a Mav and Pinto as well.
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        We're pretty well stocked with options for Mavericks now (JL, HW x2, FC, etc), but I believe JL was the first one since the old Hot Wheels Mighty Maverick back when they were still a new car.


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          I have the yellow and the white one. Just wish the new Johnny Lightning would reform to narrow tires. I can't get excited about the releases with donkey cart wheels.
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