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2019 Matchbox “Q” case

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  • 2019 Matchbox “Q” case

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    Wow I can't believe I actually found that batch already a few weeks back, usually when you post the current stuff it is a month or more later before I see it around.

    Thanks for posting, there are some nice ones in this batch.


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      Thanks for posting this - these photos of batch releases are always appreciated. Yes - I actually have managed to get the models in this release that I wanted.


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        So, even though I was at Albuquerque this summer, refresh my memory: that pink cadillac is not going to be repeated in a subsequent case? There isn't one in the "R" case that's already being seen in some Targets as noted somewhere earlier today. So it's a "one-and-done"? (I managed to find the one pink caddy at a Walmart or Target last week. Yesterday I found the gold Superfast Anniversary Hudson Hornet at one Target. No Seagrave or others of the series. The other Target either hadn't received the case yet or someone already bought them all.

        Not sure I'm gonna like this new distribution plan. Used to get everything I wanted fairly soon after release. One-offs will reduce that, I expect. And make the models scarcer...and potentially more 'valuable' both monetarily and emotionally. Oh well, who's got the space for every desired casting any more? Not sure I living room floor will attest to that.

        Surely I'm preaching to the crowd when I whine about this, but I've got space for only 3 or 4 more tubs of diecast in my garage, then it may be the end of the 'guest bedroom' and turning away my infrequent visitors. ($85/month rent for 10x8 or 10x10 storage unit around here these days. And that was the "Fall Special" rate!)

        This was (is) a pretty good mix, and like others, I found everything I wanted out of all my complaining and moaning is ridiculous and unfounded as usual.

        I'm just bummed I only found the new Backhoe and Polaris Slingshot yesterday along with the Explorer Pursuit (or whatever its called), no Crown Vic...but there I go again...I literally struck GOLD and some brand-new R Case models and I'm whining about THAT!


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          I know I posted this somewhere else. But, 5 Below stores put tons of this release out.

          The R release will be out in plenty also soon. All the regular MBXs will eventually be found if you look at different stores. What won't be left behind is the Gold 50th Anniversary cars. Those will always be grabbed. This is my prediction.



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            For the first time in a long, long time all three Wal Mart stores and Target had the current release of Matchbox with the Subaru Sambar and others. I was shocked to say the least - especially to find any Matchbox on the pegs of the Target store. But thrilled to see them but sadly no gold ones - so hoping down the road to find the Hudson and Seagrave. The Wal Marts also had the real working rigs and the opening doors models including the slick looking '30's era Ford but alas no NYPD Crown Vic or the Jeep Wagon. I am hopeful that this will continue in my local stores. It is neat to hear that Five Below has a lot of Matchbox but for me the closet one is close to nine hours away neat the Twin Cities in Minnesota.


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              Took stock today and I have 14 of the 16 different models in this Q case. Got two today at Target. The rest at a Walmart or two last week. That's really what do I complain about?!

              For an "emergency vehicle collector", missing my 'mark' and promise to (to quote Monty Python) "cut back a little then" on the civilian models--by a long shot.....hmmm

              Added 10/26: Like Pastor John, the nearest 5Below to me is a long, long way away. Same for Dollar General...but there are some in Utah so I can get to a few of them in a 5 or 6 hour drive at 80mph....
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                Still looking for that pink Caddy.
                Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

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                  I just found that case last week when I got dragged into Walmart. Got the Scania and Sambar. Dollar General is usually old stock, and to get to anything that regularly carries Matchbox that isn't Walmart or Dollar General is a 20-25 minute plus drive.

                  With Christmas on its way, and in just a few short days Halloween displays will be cleared out and replaced with Christmas stuff, stores should start pulling it in gear, and finally restocking aggressively.