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    Do we wish for the Featured Model to be similar to the old COTD with cited info on the real thing and a write up as I used to do? I would eventually like to come back and do more, and I want to be ready and know exactly what kind of workload I'd be coming up against upon my return. Personally, I'd be up for less cited info, a few less pics, and keep the write up on the casting. Thoughts?

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    Nick! Sure do miss the COTD and the theme guessing.

    I always skipped over the Wiki info and was more interested in the thoughts from the author and members about a casting.

    Hopefully we see the return of these threads.



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      I'd be on tap to run some newer entries. Don't think the efforts should just fall on one person/poster. Perhaps a person can do one week followed another week's worth from someone else. Keeps our own personal tastes/likes from being prominent while still offering a wider variety. Some of the entries with the most replies were often of members own childhood survivors, rare vintage items or just flat out crap castings that got pegged from the start for their crudeness.

      The enormous amount of effort, work and pleasure that went into the original COTD threads was impressive. For some common 1/1 models like say for example '65 Mustang, VW Bug or 911s I don't think a whole lot of background/wiki info is really needed. For lesser known models I did find wiki entries or to be highly informative. Keep that in mind for posts. Perhaps 3-5 pics of a model would suffice. Maybe less.

      I can do w/out the constant weekly themed weeks. Once every few weeks it's okay for 7 models to have some sorta common entity. I ended up finding the weekly notion of a theme to be exhausting. My opinion alone.

      If we take some of the basic positives of COTD from the old Garage and streamlined them I'd be pretty happy. We've got a plethora of new castings being relased in 1/64 these days.
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        Time constraints and other demands really is why what is there is intermittent and brief. Really more of a placeholder as the site was built. I'm open to whoever wants to do something, and within reason doing their own thing...with or without wiki, whatever images and commentary they feel is appropriate. I think we know the basic format, but I don't want to legislate if someone wants to do something a little different. I'll leave to any presenter if they wish to do a theme or game. Not sure how to sort out which presenter should go when, I'll leave it to you guys for now.

        Not gospel, just my personal opinion, I agree with Crafty regarding the more bizarre or lesser known cars, I did find the wiki info entertaining and educational; but yeah for well known cars it got redundant. I'm not going to chastise someone if they wanted to post wiki on a 1967 Camaro if that's what they felt added to the presentation. I want to be flexible and allow for individual creativity.