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Back to Flickr, or stick with IMGUR?

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  • Back to Flickr, or stick with IMGUR?

    Well, folks, it looks like IMGUR is going the way of Flickr and Photobucket; as in they are really getting overboard with trying to force a premium option on people, in the form of their Emerald option.

    I've noticed, as of late, IMGUR is getting really aggressive with promoting their Ad-Free premium option, and now, has locked me out of the site unless I disable my ad-blocker. I honestly liked Flickr back when I was using it back on the old site, and IMGUR was just because at the time, I didn't want to go premium back when SmugMug made major changes after buying Flickr from Yahoo. I don't like PostImage that much, as well, its predecessor wasn't well-liked by my antivirus, and sometimes, it's a pain in the rear to use. Plus, as of late, it's gotten really slow on my laptop for some reason, while PostImage is fast.

    Plus, there's my issue. IMGUR is not really a photo hosting site. It's a social site. Flickr is both, but it's more aimed at professional photography and photo hosting. If I'm gonna have to pay, I personally think I might as well just go with Flickr. And then, the IMGUR mobile or app doesn't have an option for BB code. I'm thinking I'm going back with PostImage for now, and am thinking over Flickr again. Honestly, I always liked Flickr much, much more.

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    Let's face it - they all play they games and from time to time make life a pain. I know I had Flickr at one time - still have an account - but recall that I had problems with it and found IMGUR easier to work with. I will have to evaluate if I want to do the pay option they are hyping or see what happens if i stay on the free side.


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      Oh bugger, I use imgur. All the images we used making skins for the tapatalk platform is hosted there.

      We seem to encounter problems here with one of the image hosts inserting a handful of url’s in each image. These extra hidden urls get counted in the total number of Urls allowed per post and sets off the spam filters. It’s no biggy, just means an admin has to come along and approve the post, but It’s a pain for the poster as they have to wait for the post to be published. Posting less images per post would bypass the issue. Im pretty sure its flickr that we have the trouble with.

      Imagine how much money is spent on internet advertising every year.


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        you have to keep in mind that all of the on line sites that offer services are there to make a living.
        once they think they have enough subscribers that will stay with them.they start with charging for the service.
        hopefully they will learn from the photobucket fiasco and not go overboard on the charges.
        that is the reason i stayed with photobucket,i figured sooner or later the others will want their share of the pie.
        and to be truthful i did not want to learn a new system for posting pictures.