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    I have now divided my 1/64 car collection to two (except for the childhood cars separated earlier).

    Part I of my collection consists of around 2700 mostly mint condition cars that will stay in the collection and are not available for trades.

    I will start photogtaphing the collection in order they are stored and will post cars here individually. Feel free to comment or ask!

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Name:	IMG_20190923_194411_749.jpg
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ID:	1675 Car #1 Siku Mercedes 300E

    I believe this came from fellow board member in a trade a few years ago. I also have it in red from my childhood but it has the newer hubcap wheels


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Name:	IMG_20190923_203551_843.jpg
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ID:	1694 Car #2 Matchbox Jeep Cherokee

      Not really sure where this variation came from but I think it has been in a collection for a few years. I am almost certain it arrived from somewhere overseas.


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Name:	IMG_20190923_215217_936.jpg
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ID:	1723 Car #3 Tomica Nissan Wingroad

        I remember a huge Tomica sale on a German board some years ago. I grabbed what I could and that was the time I really got into the Tomicas. My collection should have another color vari of this one as well.


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          Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20190924_172757_656.jpg Views:	0 Size:	45.4 KB ID:	1964Car #4 Norev Audi A4

          I got this just earlier this year from a trade with Dom6698. Such scarcely seen available and this is the only example I have. I think Norev nailed the front end but the Norev-style tow hook is bit of a letdown. Still, such an amazing model to have.


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Name:	IMG_20190924_183520_247.jpg
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ID:	1976 Car #5 Volvo XC60 by Dickie

            Dickie has some really interesting castings, this Volvo alongside the W204 Mercedes C-class being the most appealing to me. I found a bunch of these in different colors for €1 each on a flea market some years ago. Some have moved on to other collections but this one being flawless stays with me.


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Name:	IMG_20190924_200651_094.jpg
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ID:	1990 Car #6 Realtoy Ford Windstar

              Realtoy has made some really nice 3-inch cars including some really surprising castings like this Ford Windstar that AFAIK no one else has done in this scale range. It has appeared in many variations but this two-tone civilian version is just stunning. Here in Finland Realtoys sometimes pop up on flea markets but finding mint ones is hard. This came a few years ago in a trade with a Finnish collector.


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                Realtoy has sure come a LOOOONG way from their humble beginnings.
                The image file limits have been reset. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

                Thank you for your understanding.


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Name:	20190925_173947.jpg
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ID:	2194
                  Car #7 Matchbox Lexus GS430

                  I really love these so called "Golden Age" models. Civilian versions of normal cars, no silly tampos and full detail. And this Lexus is one of their best. I had a green one for a while before I found more variations. This, alongside many others came from a trade with an Austrian collector a few years ago.


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Name:	IMG_20190925_222443_930.jpg
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ID:	2243 Car #8 Tomica Honda CR-V

                    One of my favourite SUVs in the collection. As a real car, this second generation CR-V was released before many makers even had a SUV. It was the top selling SUV here in Finland and known for its reliability. This Tomica model, as far as I remember, came from the same sale than the previously introduced Nissan Wingroad (#3) some years ago.


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                      That CR-V is great!


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Name:	IMG_20190926_200500_262.jpg
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ID:	2414 Car #9 Majorette Renault Scenic

                        The Renault Scenic of the first Megane range can be considered as one of the first compact MPVs that became amazingly popular in the turn of the century. The Majorette model is particularily interesting as it is the facelifted model when you usually see the phase I model turned into a model car. It took me ages to get this in mint condition, but I really don't remember where I finally found it.


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Name:	IMG_20190928_113332_074.jpg
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ID:	2871 Car #10 - Mira Renault 18 Break

                          These old Spanish Mira cars are really nice, shame they shifted to generic-looking cheapies in the turn of the 90s. This Renault 18 Break is one of the most interesting castings as it is unique. Many makers did the R18 but Mira was the only one to do the wagon.

                          It is relatively new to my collection, acquired from a long-time German trade partner just earlier this year. It has a few tiny chips and some wear on stickers, but considering the rarity, it is good enough for the collection even with new stricter condition requirements.


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Name:	IMG_20190928_144350_359.jpg
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ID:	2875 Car #11 - Hot Wheels Ford Bronco

                            Hot Wheels has never been my favourite brand but there still are some in my collection. The Ford Bronco from the 80s has seen a lot of liveries and designs, but this plain blue from a mid-90s 5-pack is the one I want to have in my collection. All the others I have are in my "for trade" section of the collection. I can't remember where I got it, but most likely it came in a trade from the U.S..


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Name:	IMG_20190928_230315_819.jpg
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Size:	49.8 KB
ID:	3072 Car #12 - Welly Toyota Yaris

                              I love Welly. Lots of ordinary street cars, many unique castings and simple plain colors with details. This 2nd generation Toyota Yaris was something I searched from online and from stores for many years without luck, until a year ago I found it from a drug store in Poland