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Matchbox Regular Wheels and their Plastic Copies

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  • Matchbox Regular Wheels and their Plastic Copies

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          Those are really classic. I have some, too, but of some newer Matchbox models....and not all of them are the same not all of mine are really "copies"...

          Take, for example, this pair:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	CB3C8A10-6E3C-4FD5-BF62-78244BBE5943-241-000000768F3447C1_zpsmtj6ygt1.jpg
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Size:	33.5 KB
ID:	17031
          The big "copy" is by Lucky Toys, and it's a "pull-back" or "friction motor" self-propelled toy. It could be said it's not a copy since the inspiration/1:1 is a real thing and might be configured the same way in different parts of the country, different cities....but come's a COPY of the Matchbox original....

          I mean, look at THIS:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	FA638F30-7140-4EB7-BBCC-FA89E5D774BE-241-0000007689CABAF7_zps3dmfcok5.jpg
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ID:	17032
          pretty copy-cattish if you ask me...

          Then there's this one, one of my favorites:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF43243of4AlvisSalamandersb.jpg
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Size:	30.0 KB
ID:	17033
          Budgie in the middle (and it's not a "Foamite"-equipped Salamander, but rather the Canadian Pyrene variant), but the granddaddy is by NFIC (Hong Kong), and if I had the original ladders and plug-in suction tubes, it would be most definitely an exact COPY of the Matchbox original, except blown up in the "Honey I enlarged the kids" movie genre... don't know why I grabbed the bare Matchbox, other than it's one of the MIB with accessories still on sprue I've been hoarding...

          I'm sure I have some that are the same size/scale as their Matchbox inspiration somewhere....


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            I always enjoy seeing those old Blue Box Matchbox regular wheels copies - have a number of them in my collection. Blair - thanks for sharing that one with the Land Rover - not the first time either that a copy has been made in a larger scale!


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              I have ran across some of the same things in the past. I remember seeing a play set at a dollar store with the vintage MB Jaguar copies in plastic. Three different colors and I should have bought it...

              I also seen plastic copies of this Jag...


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                This is such a fun thread. Thanks for all of the posts, Guys!


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                  I think you mean the Jaguar XK 140 No.32a from Matchbox

                  In fact, you would have better bought the Hong Kong copies



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                    Here's another one with ONE plastic (larger, again) copy of a classic Matchbox No. 9 Merryweather Marquis III (and a Fun Ho from NZ):
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF4296MerryweatherMarquisIIIside-by-side.jpg
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Size:	20.7 KB
ID:	17423

                    Matchbox No. 9:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF4294MerryweatherMarquisIII2--MatchboxNo9.jpg
Views:	550
Size:	25.7 KB
ID:	17424

                    Empress/NFIC (Hong Kong)
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF4295MerryweatherMarquisIII3--EmpressNFICplastic.jpg
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Size:	20.9 KB
ID:	17425
                    But remember, the Empress/NFIC is quite a bit larger than the others (ref pic uno)....


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                      Daimler ambulances got their share of loving too:
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCF4316DaimlerAmbulances.jpg Views:	1 Size:	25.4 KB ID:	17428
                      Also an Empress/NFIC ambulance, with Matchbox and an unknown almost-slushmold smaller copy. Again, when is a copy not a copy of a toy? The ambulances existed in the real 1:1 world, so any toy maker could make a replica of an existing 1:1 and/or say that's what they did. But then those copycats go and copy the deco, too....sheesh!

                      I couldn't find my lone Matchbox London cab (the original black one?), but this Empress/NFIC ambulance, the Merryweather No. 9 copy above, and a blue/white London cab came in a 10¢ variety-store plastic bag that had never been opened since the likely early 60s when it would have been found at any number of 'five and dime' stores in most downtowns. I opened it, against my preservationist instinct, to take the photos of the models. I re-used the same staples (simpler times...they stapled the folded header card to the baggie's open end and hung it on a peg) in the original holes in the card, but if ever sold, will confess it's been opened once in 60 years....for pictures (the seller didn't open it....the baggie is clear enough to get good group pics for an auction).

                      Ooh, ooh, I sorta did a same-size magic trick photo of the individual models where they appear almost the same size:
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF4315DaimlerAmbulance3--NFICEmpressHongKong.jpg
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Size:	20.7 KB
ID:	17429
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF4314DaimlerAmbulance2--MatchboxNo14.jpg
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Size:	21.3 KB
ID:	17430
                      well....almost....I did say "almost"...

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF4313DaimlerAmbulance1--unknowndiecast.jpg
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Size:	23.7 KB
ID:	17431
                      The Empress model didn't include the raised "AMBULANCE" that makes it even less of a copy...of the toy, that is.


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                        This (logically) happened with other brands, too. I have copies of Maisto's diehard generic fire engine (the blobby thing with unrealistic everything...) (but not in plastic....rather PLASTER!), and a group of 4 different scales by different manufacturers of the Dinky #555 Commer fire appliance (a tiny one in plastic....3 diecast metal).

                        I also have "graphite" sculpts of the more recent Matchbox Dennis Sabre, Lledo's (later Corgi) Dennis F8, and then various copies of Oxford's Dennis F12 pump-escapes.....or just releases in two or more different scales by same company....way off the topic....

                        This is/was a great thread and fun. If I find more pics of any copies in my collection, I'll be back with them.


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                          But it is even smaller, on the right Fun H0, on the left Polythene miniatures



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                            Here is my share:

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	zxym66EcEoupPQsrkcmugCQ0N6f3quLYg9QOgCp3MpZn75xjfPr00KUu1A4bGG4nc67EjBZsQii8gQEKRcz_nV4546wUCatwz3D5WOS0Rv16YNXZE2sdJQath8k3_no0XGACHOK3sSJYCANAgqFtRqtGpl7Pc4AAwBl9QupwWRy90pTiZV3doF4kpgQoJQGxsK-CWFLcS9_ZTwEdVOKSrg6QaetxP0345EECANkctZHw-YX0TNl9Iw3U8mcFXCZ Views:	0 Size:	132.9 KB ID:	17686
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	y44cT7vYHrOliRyJSe_m5NUhf-Y41b2vDuZxRhBGTuopFuCuFhK-EM9UAkKSrbGu37duTTvF42uL78viWtbfWPfnotS6tPfJp3m9Rg-A8LyWNQxPFvwIuFAKhDG5KCkj9hntRbQocMqvSt2oHf-HvQ_x0U3OIoIm8PzGsTDBiWLug34tV2gROs4KJElxEgqmpW0zMxPGUupRHV6BY_GzVjztqXfu671cOShlJc8Jw1YyVeXPYIWTDFMU08arx8l Views:	0 Size:	109.1 KB ID:	17687
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	_euRDKW2U_hFaQ0qP3E_woAnNAI-lnxS5eucerk4OVAp_Hx8_43LIx2yj8sNF7WNczPEGDt8xgtfJWdQH-Tkbhlahpp8dqG3T3_AfBLJzsrERtxwJGKV16K3ut7jDSdAVofhZ8elwJd4URG8tHCajmjFVBabgEC6JSNfoPeEGJYV36HPtxkz4_KtgqNpli1grankEUp2eXmSnBhDMOVckVyc4JuaaJBTqBelsf1UYSkuTmcpbNcATW5EOGQRbCz Views:	0 Size:	178.5 KB ID:	17690
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	0Bl8JQM9r46uR0xijXqvqWUS57I060vrx18ed4nOBU-qTjU9ucVE4v7Gug66iGQSNJxjKI9Da_qSa3hPnHLfGaNW-hoPZGU8rxe_NeNYuVHsjBS7nPar4-JgFPqXiw_rF1_O3113Xgqif-MwL5DuDEUfI_jOIl1BfTvoHozyc5rdhmi4w-374TnkspaZjL3klLrBhSVRPEchS4oNWi0pO8zpFJHnxTD_vxtXC2mX_ycMVZO_3reK4AWYowCSHrT Views:	0 Size:	161.1 KB ID:	17692

                            The next ones are probably off-topic - not 100% plastic, but neither diecast, so I will call them... half-topic:

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	4FWjWTZhta5OR0zCfcimsyGEQ4BvNILBth8tV4bIigHs-tFnGi9dnQ3rngt3emZIrhjXHWB5e5DhxHGcpCwFj6oDoaWn7FNHrQktuE42nYP4jgi87Bnd61UVMpdTgynGXTtouqLe02XkKtpCFG14d2L3k7dMeFaI9aB4ePrgPKQZwg9YYDB9eEAODmgihoQsPUr87JDPU2__DWb5vEU2surAajshFlIZzk55ZOdL1cJnnYRJs2P_1vS0zpWrLZQ Views:	0 Size:	168.2 KB ID:	17688
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	jB3RzGW6sqiLjKdltV4wlUiUjq9Zpx5RV2k_fKhRhr-tqdhV6_Sntek1IuHi6b6IXvsitpv2FgcUzN1z6iAQim1Jc_0VwvjZLLUHMWbZYXNQHkQjLliIuGYrfhY9bP1XK9ubwHpJPwlzNqPAxujjgUd7TSgC94NnTmfiIDLwy3txaQgBRCdz6ekfp1ssiDBECo4PmuAXCRQO5WMsFKkDhKSTdGTBmRyF7SlIVHenJ4xrHGSKw-yIlefZKg0nEHf Views:	0 Size:	171.2 KB ID:	17689


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                              The blue Ford station wagon and trailer is awesome! Had not seen that set before.