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  • From mass product to collectible

    Look at real car first. A mass transport, every day 4 door sedan, no head turner really and discarded when cost of repair exceeds value.

    It's the Chevy Impala I'm talking about. Entered the matchbox world in 1999 according to the base.

    The model is as bland as the real car and the only reason I bought it is, because it is a police car.

    But wait and look , Matchbox had the ability, to turn this ugly duckling into a collectible beauty. Add details, extra tempa and rubber tires and voila - off to the display cabinet where it still looks excellent next to today's beefed up special series models.

    So what's the conclusion?
    There are so many models from the past 15-20 years that would have deserved an extra treatment with added details, but for whatever reason, never received it. Too bad MB never took advantage of all the potential they had/have.

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    The Matchbox Collectibles Impala is one of my holy grails - hoping to be able to add an example or two to the collection one day.


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      I'm loving that green Camaro- haven't run across one of those yet. I love the Fire Chief Impala too, I have one of the police versions and it is killer (especially for 20 years ago).


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        Originally posted by JBH6666
        I love the Fire Chief Impala too, I have one of the police versions and it is killer (especially for 20 years ago).
        My thoughts exactly. Looking at it´s age is making this model even more amazing.


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          I have the (an-?) other Impala in the series (Forest Grove FD)...but I guess not the FDMB version. But I have the FDMB Suburban of the series. How I miss KB Toys...

          And one interesting affect on the rear tampa of the Forest Grove one is the printed "Forest Grove / Fire Dept" (/ to denote two lines, one above the other) across the rear bumper. With the license plate between the words, it says "Forest Fire" (2 lines) on the left bumper....and "Grove Dept" on the right end. So, of course, on first sight on KB's pegs I latched onto the words "Forest Fire" and it could have been a civilian Yugo (not knowing if anyone makes models of Yugos) and I woulda bought it!
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