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Tamiya '03 WEDSSPORT Toyota Celica JGTC

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  • Tamiya '03 WEDSSPORT Toyota Celica JGTC

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Name:	musmac tamiya wedssport celica.JPG
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Name:	tamiya-musmac  wedssport celica.JPG
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Name:	tamiya-musmac  wedssport celica1.JPG
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    Yes, shown here are two separate examples of the same model. The first shown was released by Muscle Machines in their JGTC line, the other two images are the same kind of model in Tamiya packaging. Near as I can tell, Tamiya had a "Collector's Club" series of these JGTC cars, and shared them with Muscle Machines. Tamiya is perhaps better known for their radio control models, and as it happens Muscle Machines offered a handful of their 1/64 "Tooned" models as radio control...since the timing was very close to these JGTC issues, I suspect that was where this close business tie in came from.

    The JGTC models, Tamiya or Muscle Machines, are quite popular among an avid cult following, and tend to command prices typically north of $20 on average, it is unusual to find single models cheaper than that though small lots might bring the price down a little on each individual issue.

    The image file limits have been reset. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    I really like the added detail of the antenna on the roof the most. Such a cool feature of this model IMHO. 🙂


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      I remember getting the whole set at Target. They were insanely detailed, rivaling even modern models that cost 3 times as much.