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Hershey PA Matchbox Show Finds 

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  • Hershey PA Matchbox Show Finds 

    421 miles round trip so I picked up a few things although no Chargers.

    Have been searching for this particular Kenner Fast 111's Street Boss variation at a good price for a long time. Only 2 bucks was a score!

    These Caravans caught my eye, the seller had a ton of chronic Matchbox pre-production and resin samples. Out of my price range lol.

    Also good news I talked with Swifty today and asked him for anything that I could say here. He is doing well, very busy with
    work out of town so lots of driving time. He is still very much involved in the hobby, from the looks of his diecast purchases
    I believe it. (He wouldnt let me take any pics though). He also noted "Tapatalk has made a mockery of my beloved site".
    To the point that he would not say when or even if he would sign on there again. He was also very happy that Wes took
    the initiative to create a new place and added that he could call him at home anytime.


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    Wow, I can't believe he would just leave altogether. A course I have no idea what his job is. Thanks for the update, Eric. I'm going to start posting more here myself. It has easy navigation and I sure like to see this new site make it. Wesley has worked hard and has done well. I started a random Auto World today and I'm am going to start some more participation that we all can join together and do. Like what you are listening to? so forth like the old Garage. If we could get all those members to come here that would be cool. Sometimes when I search for this site it doesn't come up either. I assume it will take more and more people searching it before it appears as Swifty's does.
    Due to the recent budget cuts,
    the rising cost of electricity, gas, and oil, plus the
    current state of the economy, the light at the end
    of the tunnel has been turned off.


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      Thanks for reading and commenting Daniel.

      I did relay the invitation to Sean from Wes in coming here any time and he smiled with that.

      Yes by all means have fun posting here weeeee ...



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        Nice finds Eric! That first one is a Charger in spirit... clearly from a sales era when it was designed to evoke the General Lee. I like the Caravan variations. Not easy to find these days. Glad to hear Sean is well. Thanks for the update.


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          Oh yeah, it goes well with my "Generic Lee" collection.

          I forgot to mention, the 2020 Swiftys CARnival will be held in April as planned!



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            The Caravans which I believe were all from multi piece sets are nice additions to your collection. Glad to hear Sean is still happily collecting diecast - know the crap put on by tapatalk has hurt him and frustrated him so can understand his desire to distance himself from it all. If you see him soon, give him my greetings!