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Northwest Fest 2009 - 1965 Mustang GT

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  • Northwest Fest 2009 - 1965 Mustang GT

    Below is a posting by Hosspower 98 on Feb. 25, 2012 from Swifty's Garage:
    It is very interesting and is worth posting here because of its significance.

    Maybe one of the Greenlight Mustang guys can help me out. I recently purchased the 2009 Northwest Fest Promo 1965 Mustang GT. It was listed as 1/2??. After I received the car I compared it to the 1965 Mustang GT from The Cruise-In Mustang Collection. (Hobby Distribution Exclusive) It was the same Pearl White, red stripe, black interior with Crager 5-Spoked wheels. Right down to the Cruise-In license tag. I can see absolutely no difference. Also it is sequence stamped #5462. Do you think this promo handout was from the common Cruise-In production run? I didn't pay a lot for the car but would like to liberate it from the packaging. In that case it could no longer be considered a promo, correct?

    My reply on Feb. 26, 2012;

    I believe that Jeremy from Colletables Corner
    repackaged some of the exclusive hobby only Cruise-In Mustang Collection castings for the Northwest Fest show and used them for fundraising.
    The castings are indeed the same but the packaging (blisters) are different.

    I just checked a loose one that I have in my collection and it is numbered 5011.
    I sent a loose set of the exclusive hobby only Cruise-In Mustang Collection castings to both Roadwarrior and Craftymore before Christmas last year.

    Some additional information:
    "there are 3 event exclusive factory manufactured cars a
    greenlight 1/480 pcs 1965 Mustang GT;
    second a M2 Machines 1957 Chevy 1/300; third a Shelby Collectibles Eleanor Mustang 1/400 event car all with chase cars available".

    480 pieces made including Green Machines.
    At one time Jeremy was selling the Greenlight castings and I believe that Diecast Museum may still be selling them.

    Keep the Norhwest Fest casting in the blister and buy a regular white pearl Cruise-In Mustang Collection casting to open.
    The ultimate choice is still yours.

    I hope that this information helps.

    Cheers. Cobra

    Added note today: with the demise of Swifty's Garage, I feel that it is important to save information that is of historical signifiance from the past. /Gerry

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    I have some black with flames castings in bags that came from Collectables Corner about this same time frame
    plus a couple of GL castings in "Hot Rod Café" blisters.
    Jeremy appeared to be doing some interesting marketing concepts for shows and sales at that time.

    Cheers. Cobra