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GL Cruise-In Hobby Distributor Exclusive Mustang Collection Green Machine 1 of 6.

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  • GL Cruise-In Hobby Distributor Exclusive Mustang Collection Green Machine 1 of 6.

    GL Cruise-In Hobby Distributor Exclusive Mustang Collection 2008 Shelby GT Green Machine.
    These are 1 of the set of 6.
    The production of each Green Machine in this set is 96.
    I have complete sets of these Green Machines.
    This exclusive series (release) was the work of Jeremy at Collectables Corner.
    And released in September 2009.

    I also have all of the regulars (1,000 produced).
    How quickly time passes.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	GL Cruise-In dist. exclus. Mustang collection 1970 - 1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	59.0 KB ID:	15306

    This series was produced by Jeremy at Collectables Corner.
    He ran a few promotions on them so I bought a bunch.
    One of the deals was buying a case of 12 and getting a Green Machine in place of a regular casting.
    That is how I got some of them.
    I also simply bought the Green Machines outright from him.
    I have more of them than shown in the images.
    I have finally put together a third complete set of Green Machines.
    I'm not sure that I want to try for a fourth set.
    It had taken some time and money plus it was a challenge.
    I don't like a lot of the Greenlight (Green Machine) chase cars............
    but, I do like some of the ALL emerald green castings and that's why I have collected a few of them.
    Just like Johnny Lightning chase cars, I never cared for many of them, but I do definetly like the ALL white chase cars (White Lightnings).
    Basically, it all comes down to personal taste (and MONEY).
    At this point in time, I have more GL GREEN MACHINESthan JL White Lightnings and I collected JL castings for a very long time.
    It all boils down to; collect what you like and like what you collect.

    Being held hostage by Photobucket has made me resort to other means to find some of my images without the
    Photobucket over-print on the images.
    Copy images, upload to my laptop, and then down load them here plus add commentary.

    Cheers. Cobra