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  • Distribution: Switzerland (Category 2)

    The most easily aviable brands are HW, Siku and Majorette – most of the time you get what you want with some pation and travel around a bit. MBX is more difficult, as not many shops carry MBX, we tend to miss some batches, the same for 5-Packs.
    For Siku the prices may differ from store to store : for a current Audi Q5 you may pay everything beween 4.90 up to 7.90 ! Cheapest is Migros. For HW, MJ and MBX the prices only differ for less than a buck. If they carry HW most of the time they also have 5-Packs.
    The following list is out of my experience and can locally differ especially for the size of the shops.

    MIGROS (supermarket, departement store) : HW, HW Mystery, HW medium (currently Batman, Rally), HW Premium, Majorette (several lines), MBX (up to 2019 Batch C/D), MBX 5-Pack (2019), Maisto medium

    MÜLLER (drugstore/toyshop): HW, HW medium (old stock), HW 5-Pack, HW Premium, MBX (2018), MBX 5-Pack, Siku, Maisto Fresh Metal, Bburago Ferrari

    COOP (supermarket, departement store): HW (overpriced), HW 5-Pack, Siku, MBX 5-Pack, Majorette (several lines, only Coop City), Maisto Harley Davidson (Coop City), Bburago Ferrari, MBX (only Superstores), MJ 3-Pack 2014 (Coop City/Superstores) – this chain is ushally far behind the scedule

    MANOR (departement store): HW, Majorette, Maisto Fresh Metal, Siku, Bburago Ferrari

    GLOBUS (departement store): HW, HW Premium, MBX, Siku, Bburago {if you have two shops in the same town only the one farer in the mall has toys} – currently owned by Migros

    FRANZ CARL WEBER (toy shop): HW, HW medium, HW Premium (tend to disapear quick), HW 10-Pack, HW 5-Pack, HW 3-Pack, Siku, Maisto friction, Bburago Ferrari, Schuco (only in bigger shops)

    OTTOS (surplus/discounter): HW Mystery, HW 5-Pack, MBX 5-Pack, Maisto friction, Bburago, sometimes other lesser known brands

    SMYTHS former TRU (toy shop): HW, Siku, Majorette

    SPIELKISTE (toy shop): Siku, Majorette (some lines), HW

    LANDI (hardware/departement store) : Majorette (some lines) - {recently they kicked out Siku}

    MAXI TOYS (toy shop): HW, HW Premium, Siku

    KING JOUET (toy shop): HW, HW Premium, HW 5-Pack, HW3-Pack, HW 10-Pack, Siku, Bburago Ferrari - {recently they kicked out Majorette}

    LOEB, Bern, Biel (departement store): HW, Siku, MBX 5-Pack

    SCHELLENBERGER, Thun (departement store): Siku, HW, Maisto friction, Maisto Harley, Bburago Ferrari, MB 5-Pack

    ALDI/LIDL (discounter): ushally nothing but up a wile show up Welly 20/30-Pack or HW 5-Pack

    JUMBO (hardware store): Maisto Fresh Metal

    Local toy shops: Most have Siku and HW, other brands may pop up too

    Trift shops/second hand: Brocki (Heilsarmee/Armée du salut), HIOB, Emmaus, la Trouvaille (Red Cross), Brockenstube (Frauenverein) – with some luck you find some things for a good price.
    If there is a flea market (Flohmarkt, Flohmärit, Brocante, Antiquitätenmesse, Sammlermesse) in the town your are visiting it is worth a visit – also only to look. Source:

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    Thank you, Grifo74! I plan to visit Switzerland at some point soon, and this information adds to the attraction of your gorgeous country!


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      Great listings, thanks for taking the time!


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        Edit: some updates:

        COOP: now also have MBX singles, HW Team Transport (Copp City/Superstores), HW is now back to a normal price, but still old stock,..

        GLOBUS: now under new ownership, doesn't have no more diecast cars

        GiFi (department store): HW, HW 2-Packs, Majorette, some other brand

        KING JOUET (toy shop): now also have Majorette Porsche

        MÜLLER: MBX Best of Germany added

        at SCHELLENBERGER I discovered they had some Matchbox Superfast from 2020, so my some toyshops may have Superfast/Collector or Moving Parts,...

        For Matchbox we are currenly at the first batch of 2021, and everything older