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  • A Beauty in Black

    Love this 442 casting by AW... Nice job!!!

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    I had seen the thread that Ollie's was selling these in the last few weeks, and they were, alas, pegwarmers there. I would have bought one, but I already have several, including this. I'm really looking forward to the F-85! I love the boring base Oldsmobiles!!!


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      My Ollies' still has several at $3.99.


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        I went to Ollie's the other day hoping I would score some Auto Worlds and all it had was the red Camaro. I almost bought one for Marty but I'm sure he has that already. This is a beautiful car Steve and your pictures should that.
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          That 442 is a real looker! I need to get back to Ollie's and snap up on some more of this discount diecast goodness. A great price for AW, JL, and RC that I can use for customs and possibly even wheel donors.