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    As I remember beginning to collect the Lesneys way back in 1959 or 1960, all my little playmates on my street were collecting them too. We would get together and make dirt roads in someone's flowerbed and play sometimes from day light to dark. Never ending fun, building roads and houses from sticks and other stuff. Great imaginations!!!
    Trading off your cars was unheard of. I can remember the most popular and easiest to find that "EVERYONE" seemed to have and someone's mother marked the bottoms of our cars with a dot of different colored fingernail polish. My color was red. Here are a few of those fabulous little cars that everyone seemed to have and possess so many wonderful and fond memories!!!

    I often feel sooooo blessed that my grandma packed my cars and stored them under her basement stairs for 25 years or so. She passed in 1975 and we didn't find my collection neatly and safely packed until 1995 when grandpa sold the house...
    My "Ultimate Collection"!!!