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  • My Holy Grail ~ Not Yet

    My very first Grand Prix...

    My Holy Grail for 35-40 years...

    I guess I'll have to settle for this one for now...

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    It was my Holy Grail for years, bought a MIB for relatively cheap ($25 to $50) in the mid 1980s, then sold it when I lost interest in collecting and couldn't justify owning such a valuable model. I'm liking the tribute models, though! Especially the current blue one, which I guess is a nod to the blue artist's rendering on the early regular wheel boxes. I REALLY wish I had the red one in the 1970s growing up. I didn't know of the models existence until a school friend told me he had seen one for sale at a garage sale, and then drew a picture of the front end. I was crushed when I saw that classic Pontiac stacked headlamp / split grille. Yeah, I got a mint red one later, but it wasn't the same as if I had got it before 12 years old. (What's with purple Pontiacs? The Jet Wheels convertible by AMT is my current Holy Grail. Never knew it existed until recently.)


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      Yes, these Pontiacs were very, very cool. Opening doors was so great...LOL
      I also found some old newspaper advertisements I had cut out to keep with my little catalogs MB used to provide. After I found my collection, I continued looking for the catalogs.

      I also found this article in a magazine sometime around 1990 or so...


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        I remember some of those catalog covers, especially the first one I got, which was the 1978-79 with the brown Porsche Turbo on it (and the truck and space shuttle). I think that is the one had the list at the back of all the cars Matchbox made until that point. I studied that at bedtime and dreamed about what some of those cars looked like (there were no pics with the list). That long lost catalog was just in tatters I looked it over so often. I was fortunate in that circa 1977, a local drug store had a tiny assortment of NOS regular wheels, and I did get the fantastic 1964 Lincoln in mint green, and LOVED that opening trunk!!! That was a masterpiece. Real men would drive a great big expensive car like that, and many of the new 1/64 models released during my 1970s childhood were outlandish....only around 1978 did things start to normalize with Matchbox, like the 1978 Cougar Villager.

        I hope more tribute models in the Matchbox Plus / Moving Parts series come along, especially that #31 Lincoln , and the red #65 Jaguar Mark II 3.8-litre with opening hood ...a gift from Santa.


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          I found that old No 22 SF with box 4 years ago, I think I paid $15.

          And I have every year catolog from 1968-1989. The early years are very high in price these days. I think I have that article as well. Cool stuff.
          Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

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            Neat little baseball related ad for Matchbox, I like how some of the models shown are not the colors they were ever issued in.


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              I am amazed how prices have gone up for the purple SF version and it isn't really a rare model.