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  • Random's random additions

    Guess i'll start thread in here too. New stuff just keeps rolling in. I got a box from realgone58 and pegers, tons of odd stuff from here and there, auction buys and some new cars from pegs. Only if i had a chance to take pics 😓

    Latest addition is the only one that got in front of my camera.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20191016-WA0001.jpeg
Views:	386
Size:	288.2 KB
ID:	14233

    Tomica Mitsubishi Pajero beater.
    Tomica is so rare find here that I usually buy any I come across.

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    looking forward to see what you have picked up.


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      Taking pics of my finds seems to be nearly impossible at home.
      Mila has learned to walk and she has fast and grabby hands. 😥

      Today I went to a motorcycle swap meet.
      Found something.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20191110-WA0000.jpeg
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Size:	1.81 MB
ID:	25700

      There's some Soviet Ferrari, Siku Ford Galaxy, Hongwell Volvo 850, Zee Volvo 760, Lego Bedford ladder truck and Matchbox Toyota Supra.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20191110-WA0002.jpeg
Views:	327
Size:	768.7 KB
ID:	25701

      I have a vague memory of a discussion on this model in Swifty's Garage.

      Sorry for the bad pics.


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        some wear and tear but a nice little group..i have a feeling in the near future you will be spending more time with Mila than hunting cars.


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          Neat to hear that Mila is becoming very "helpful!" That Lego Bedford fire truck is awesome!


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            My wife doesn't really appreciate that i have a little helper that carries cars everywhere or tries to eat them 😅


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              Got a nice package from my little sister in Czech Republic.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20191231_161916.jpg
Views:	257
Size:	488.5 KB
ID:	46305

              Polistil Ford Capri ll, Ford Consul, Ford Cortina GT, Fiat 126, Volkswagen Polo and Majorette Volkswagen Golf.

              Found some new to me Welly.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20191231_162009.jpg
Views:	257
Size:	663.2 KB
ID:	46306

              Any ID help with the Team Power vehicles is appreciated.


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                Some nice items there - some of the Team Power models remind me of YatMing castings but that is just a wild guess on my part. Liking that Nex Ford Police Car.


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                  Liking those Polistil cars!
                  Michael "Toyotageek"
                  Japanese Minicar Garage


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                    I have a feeling that the Team Power vehicles are Tomica copies.


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                      Originally posted by Random View Post
                      I have a feeling that the Team Power vehicles are Tomica copies.
                      I was thinking the same. The Crane next to bottom I am 98% sure is, it has been copied many times. The Dump Truck under it and the Bulldozer look familiar too.
                      The image file limits have been reset. We have over-limit warnings for the past 3 months and I've had to lower the image file limits. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I know I've mentioned many times before, but it is very important to downsize images - doesn't matter if they are hosted elsewhere or here. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The new limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

                      Thank you for your understanding.


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                        i am liking the wellys.


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                          I'm digging the Polistils, especially the Capri! That's a great trio of brown Euro-Fords.

                          As you know, those are very seldom (if ever) seen on this side of the Atlantic. Sadly, the same is true of Wellys these days.


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                            Some auction buys.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200107_215348.jpg
Views:	246
Size:	453.3 KB
ID:	49927

                            Welly '68 Chevrolet Chevelle SS and Hongwell Mini Cooper.

                            Got a mixed lot of garbage from the same seller. Picked the most interesting cars to me.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20200107_215240.jpg
Views:	236
Size:	616.4 KB
ID:	49928

                            Welly Bedford CF, Chevrolet Van, Audi quattro, Crane truck, Realtoy Alfa Romeo 155, MotorMax Mustang Mach lll and Maintenance Truck.

                            Bedford was a new to me as a Welly. I've seen that exact body on Faie before.


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                              i am leaning towards the chevelle ss.