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    Cool little rides!!!

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    Agreed. As much as I like UK Escorts (and derivatives like the Tempo and 1st gen US Escort), Sierras(XR4Ti) and the various Fox body cars, the Ford/Mazda cars were much nicer to actually sit in, compared to what I recall of those ones - at least from a kid's perspective. Except Contours, as a front passenger the transmission bulge was massive and (iirc) apparently the leftover of abortive plans to allow the platform to take a range of FF/F4/FR drivetrains, possibly including a V8 sitting longitudinally.

    I had a teacher who had a Probe real close to the metallic red release up front. She was the 'cool' teacher because she drove a sporty car and was in her 20s. I got that one right now, just waiting for a suitable set of donor wheels.


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      I had a 1:1 93 GT. Loved that car to the max. I still can't believe it was as quick as it was for a V~6...


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        Wow, I just had a flashback to when the Probe was the latest hot thing. It didn't last long though.
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          Ford said it was to be the next Mustang ...................... Ford got many many letters, one from me of course, saying ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!

          But I must say that the Probe/Mazda Mx-6 was a very cool car with that V6. I remember a buddy went up against one in a race in his 82 Mustang GT, he lost.

          And I miss pop up headlights. My 86 Celica coupe had those, I think they are cool.
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