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M2 Drivers Studebaker pickup truck

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  • M2 Drivers Studebaker pickup truck

    Iroquois blue....Entry level trim... I've been having too much fun with all the card stock I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. The other half of the Stetson hats matchbook ad is on another layout.

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    Makes for a great sign delivery truck!


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      Thanks! They gotta come from somewhere!


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        This Studebaker truck has always been a fav of mine from M2. I like that color blue, it kinda ges with the era.
        Good to see ya having fun!!!

        On a side note here:

        I'm sorry to have to post this here, but I haven't heard from anyone in the last 4-5 days concerning a posting problem.
        What's going on here??? Is there some kind of a problem with a server, or have I been kicked out???
        Kind of frustrating here to not know anything... All I can do is post replies to existing posts...
        This is the 4th day since I have tried to make a new post and can't. No notifications of any kind. Can someone please let me know what's up or what's going on???


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          Steve - Skwerl posted in the service counter that there has been a glitch in the system that seems to affect some members but not others in terms or posting or having pictures approved. I know they are trying to figure it out.