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Again, I'm being subjected to awaiting "Moderator approval".

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  • Again, I'm being subjected to awaiting "Moderator approval".

    I posted some pictures of recent Matchbox additions in the Apparatus Bay. When I went back to edit the last photo and description, I was informed I "do not have permission" to edit or modify that post, and above it the application has noted the post is awaiting "moderator approval".

    It's only happened twice so far in the past month or two, but it's darn frustrating! What's going on? Anybody else seeing this behavior?

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    Sorry about the frustration. We tried to find the reason why it happened to you before. Something to do with vbulletin site itself that we have no control over.
    It seems to happen to few members and me or someone else of the staff approves the posts before it causes any troubles.

    Your post is approved now.
    Sorry again.


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      Thanks. I am hoping it wasn't something I was doing...wanted to know how to correct it if so. And it's good to know it's not just me.


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        I can't even post a "New Topic" What's up with that?


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          Sorry to hear that Steve. You make a great contribution here and we all enjoy what you bring to the table. Hope they get that fixed soon.
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            What's going on here??? Is there some kind of a problem with a server, or have I been kicked out???
            Kind of frustrating here to not know anything... All I can do is post replies to existing posts...
            This is the 4th day since I have tried to make a new post and can't. No notifications of any kind. Can someone please let me know what's up or what's going on???


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              Sorry Stang, we dont know why this is happening.
              I’ve made a post on the support forum but the Gurus are enjoying the holiday weekend, so it will be a few days at least before anyone replies.