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  • A little rant...

    I purchased this 1/24th scale 69 Camaro SS 396 and this 1/24th scale 70 Boss 302 Mustang for $22.99 each at a Meijer store a few years ago. I must say the detail on both is excellent and the Camaro is the best proportioned 69 Camaro of any make or scale. They both have opening hood, doors, and trunk lid. Both model cars are gorgeous to look at, but as I get them down for dusting or just to play and mess around with them, I notice things about them that bring back the ole' M2 quality control issues.At that price I don't think these cars should have any issues at all. Maybe I'm too picky, do you all think?

    One thing that disturbs me the most are the wheels. They are very wabbley and sag outwards when you set them down. You have to prop them straight for display or photos.

    Another thing is, I think M2 got the scale wrong for the 69 Camaro SS 396. The Johnny Lightning 69 Chevelle SS 396 looks much more to scale. I know every 396 plastic kit I have built, be it a Nova, Chevelle, Camaro, or Impala, the 396 valve covers were quite wide. The engine in the M2 69 Camaro looks more like a small block 302, or a 350...

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    I also think they should get the stripes to line up better on the doors and body...

    Here's a Johnny Lightning 69 Camaro Z/28 with a 302 small block to compare. Notice the narrow valve covers on the Z/28 302 compared to the valve covers in the M2 SS 396 big block, and then compared to the JL SS 396 big block in the JL Chevelle.

    On both of M2 these models, I had to disassemble them and make spacers between the chassis and body from old credit cards. The engines wouldn't let the hoods close all the way. The spacers gave just enough space for them both to close all the way now. The door gaps on the Camaro are a bit to wide also.
    Do you guys think I'm too picky???


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      Spot on Stang, and the thing that jumps out at me are the hood hinges.


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        All these problems go away if you buy the Drivers Series for a buck less. It's OK Steve, you can rant.
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          Originally posted by HossPower98 View Post
          All these problems go away if you buy the Drivers Series for a buck less. It's OK Steve, you can rant.
          Thanks my friend... These are the 1/24ths, but that's what I started doing with my 1/64ths. I bought many, many of the auto~Thentics with the opening doors when they first hit the shelves. I never cared for the "HUGE DOOR GAPS" which I ranted about allot over at Swifty's. When I found the drivers series, I slowly began replacing the Auto~Thentic models I had with those, then selling the others on ebay. I don't know what happen to the quality of M2s over the years, but I got extremely tired of having to fix every 2 out of 3 I bought. It would have to be one fine looking car or one I don't have for me to spend anymore on M2s.
          The 57 Ford Fairlane is my all~time favorite automobile. When this M2 57 cane out I went hog wild on them. I did this custom gasser way before the Drivers series appeared and I am still disappointed with those doors today...

          I grew to hate these door gaps. They're the first thing that pops out to me...

          Compared to the nice, smooth, clean look of the Drivers...


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            I hardly ever take pictures of them anymore because of the gaps. I still have them till I can like them again.
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              I agree, is a small block in the Camaro. M2 is my decast of choice but they all have probems. Have scaled them all, even the Most Accurate to scale gauranteed, got thier '84 Z28, spoiler isn-t from GM.
              At under $50 M2 isn't to bad. Have a few GMP.
              At least M2 is screwed together,easiertocorrect.