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Greenlight 1/64 FCV Toronto EMS ERU 7

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  • Greenlight 1/64 FCV Toronto EMS ERU 7

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_6125.jpg Views:	4 Size:	76.2 KB ID:	12978
    Greetings everyone. It's been a long time since I posted anything but I'm back !! I changed my screen name to adjust to my new work identifier. I'm proud to show off my latest custom project that I took with me to the last MB Gathering in Abq. this past July. It's a 1/64 Greenlight Ford Crown Victoria replica of the Toronto EMS ERU I drove back in 2003. The Department received funding to increase our ERU count by 18 vehicles - we purchased 12 Chevrolet Tahoe's and 6 Ford Crown Victoria's - The FCV's were done as a test bulk purchase order with Toronto Police. The 6 we got in the deal came all tricked out with a full police package - upgraded suspension, cop motor, cop tires and everything else the Blue's Brothers bragged about .

    I worked with a good friend of mine to create this little gem to add to my collection and had 20 made. There's still a few kicking around (hint hint to my customs collectors).

    We drove them from 2003 until 2006 when they were transitioned to administrative vehicles and stripped of their lights and sirens. They were all phased out by 2008 as we went completely with Chevrolet Tahoe's for our ERU vehicle choice. Needless to say - these beauties were a blast to drive.
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    Glad to see you here, and yes I would love a Toronto EMS ERU!

    They look great, and as someone who has driven a few police interceptors over the years, I agree they can be a lot of fun to wheel around in.😉


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      Holy moly, that looks fantastic! Great work on what looks to be an awesome custom!

      (I would be interested in one as well - depending on the cost)


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        Great to see you here my friend, I'd love to buy or trade you for one of those models. Our department had a few CVs over the years. They came to us on a PD piggy back order so they were all cop-carred out, hard plastic rear seat, and the works. I drove one of those back from a fire assignment up near the Cali/Oregon border (Mad River Complex) several years ago. That thing really scooted, and everyone gets out of your way when they see you in the mirror, haha.



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          Good to see you on board here Glen - great looking model - I too would take one if you still have them available. Would look great with my other Toronto and Ontario area EMS models I have gotten from you over the years.


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            Here's a better picture of the final product. The one's I have for others will have a clear lightbar as opposed to the Blue and Red one featured in this pic.

            Glen - I'll PM those who have an interest with cost etc.


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              great looking model- would make a great addition to any emergency vehicle collection.
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                Hi Glen, glad to see you're still keeping busy with diecast projects!