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Burger King Promo “Highway Rescue”

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  • Burger King Promo “Highway Rescue”

    This silver colored promo model from Burger King seems to be the rare piece in the set😁 There were 4 different color pieces, Silver, Red, Orange, and Lime green as far as I know🤔
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    Very nice set! Unlike most McDonalds issues, these don't appear to be different than the mainline toolings. The "Highway Pumper" is one of my favorites, since it pretty decently represents a medium-duty commercial chassis firetruck, despite being generic.

    The good thing about Burger King is that if for some reason, I want one of the toys, they only charge about 50 cents. McDonald's expects you to buy an entire Happy Meal. The most recent MBX set from BK was all plastic, and about an inch longer than their mainline counterparts.


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      Yes, I am missing the silver version. Cody - I think the policy varies among the McDonald's - back when I still went after the Happy Meal cars, I could just buy the car without the meal at the McD's in Bismarck, ND.


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        The thing that I liked about the MacDonald's promo models was that they released the models with a US decal pack and a Canadian decal pack. I kind of wish that BK had done the same.