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2011 Camaro RS/SS Synergy Green,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  • 2011 Camaro RS/SS Synergy Green,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    First modern Camaro I ever bought, very nice. The color is what got my eye.
    2011 Camaro RS/SS by Dick Copello, on Flickr

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    That is a great looking Camaro. I like this style of the Camaro. I don't know if anyone here has the new Camaro in real life but I think in my humble opinion they should have left it alone. The older Camaros look tough but those new ones just aren't for me. Nice picture, Dick.
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      I was wondering when AW would get around to do a Synergy green Camaro. My favorite is still the white with orange stripes.


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        Long ago, before the "new" Camaro" was on sale, an Online seller sent me a free GL Camaro in red. I think it was the pre-production model but close to the car went it went on sale. I think I gave it away. Maybe I should have kept it for comparasion.