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  • Color Matched Wheel Covers

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    That first pic looks like an old car ad.
    Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"


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      These JL re-releases have such excellent color combinations and improved detailing. Although I'm trying desperately to limit the size of my collection due to space concerns, this new Eldorado and the boattail Riviera releases are just SOOOOO tempting!!!!


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        I can remember the color matched wheel covers on many different models clear back in the early 60s. My uncles were Chevy guys, my dad and grandpa were Ford guys, my grandpa on mom's side was an Oldsmobile/Cadillac man. I remember going to one dealership or another every year new models came out. That was one of the first thing I noticed. I would look close to see if it matched the paint on the body, and it always did. I always thought that made the cars look sweet, until I got old enough to go to the drag strips with my uncles. Then I noticed the painted rims and some had the dog dish hub caps. I guess I started associating that look with hot rod cars. Either way, those were cars were cool!!!
        I need to find that black Caddy...
        I have the older red version that would look much more detailed if it had color matched covers...