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Johnny Lightning Ecto-1A “Who You Gonna Call”

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  • Johnny Lightning Ecto-1A “Who You Gonna Call”

    These are all of my Johnny lightning ghost busters Ecto-1A vehicles. One of my favorite castings to collect from Johnny lightning🤗 In the background is the Haunted Mansion from Disney World😬 One of my favorite all time classic Disney rides😊👍😊👍
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    Nice display of your JL ECTO - 1A's - the big house makes a wonderful backdrop for these Ghostbusting rides!


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      Hmmmm....several color variations I was completely unaware existed! Just when you think you know what's out there, someone shows you you know nothing....


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        So I'm trying to figure out where all these are from....
        I know the one white one was a two pack set that you showed the police car from in the other JL thread.
        Then another white one is the haloween issue out back years ago about when the Frightening Lightning series was going.
        Then the other white one was from the old Frightening Lightning series as were how many others of the colored models.
        I thought there were six in the FL series, but that one shiny bare metal looking one doesn't seem to be, at least I don't remember it, and it looks fancier than the others in that series.

        So is that one a special issue, and not part of the FL series?.


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          Hi Doug, yes the shiny silver metal one was a recent find put out by Johnny lightning. It was by itself in the package. I picked it up within the last year and a half. I’m guessing it was like a special edition or something like that. Hope that helps😊


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            Sorry Doug, it was a Mijo exclusive single👍👍👍