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3 Styles from 1966

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  • 3 Styles from 1966

    A good year for Ford and Mustang sales!!!

    The Convertible

    The Hardtop Coupe

    The Fabulous 2 + 2 Fastback

    Everso "HOT" on the strip

    Even the used and abused die~hard

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    Hard to imagine today having 22,000 orders on the first day the Mustang went on sale and then 559,451 in 65 and 607,500 in 66.
    Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

    RIP.....Pop.....David Blase Garascia 9-17-35 12-3-20.


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      I was very, very happy to find both varies of these Stangs at the same time!!!

      I believe out of all the Mustangs I've collected by JL, this one from my 30 car Mustang seriescollection, this one remains my favorite!!!

      A toss up for a close 2nd place here...

      Of all the Mustangs I have owned, build restored, trashed, crashed, and trashed since 1971, my 66 was the quickest, most fun to drive, and best looking in my book!!!


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        30 Car Mustang series collection... It took me over 10 years to complete this full set... Very proud of it!!!