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i keep getting logged out.

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  • i keep getting logged out.

    for the last day or so.if i go another site when i return here i have to log in again.i have chosen the remember me opt.
    any ideas?
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    I think that is happening to me also
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      Well my only advice would have been the remember me option, but that doesn't seem to be your issue, only thing happening for me lately is my internet cutting out and back on for the last couple weeks or so, a friend in another city said theirs has been as well, I suppose that could be the load on the system with so many working at home, but maybe if your internet is cutting out on you momentarily while on the board it is logging you off the Garage somehow, though I'm no techy so don't know if that would actually happen.


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        Sorry, no answer for you.

        I'm logged on all day and keep a tab open on the Garage the whole time. I have not been getting logged out. Even tried closing the tab and opening a new one, and I'm still logged in.

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          thanks for the replies...i keep 10 plus tabs open all the time.this is the only that was been logging me off..hopefully it is only a glitch.
          when i opened my computer today i was still logged in.


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            If I don't stay active on mine it logs me off.
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